Fall Lip Color Combos


I am in love with Lip Stick!!! It's funny for me to say, because I use to not like it at all... I think because I have gone out and have found colors and brands that I like is the reason why I love Lip Stick so much now. I like doing different combinations of colors to create new ones and make colors look best for my skin tone. I have a couple of favorite combos that I like doing right now for Fall! Fall is when all the Deep Dark Lip Colors come out, and I love how dark colors look on me. There's something about a Dark lip Color that brings out the Diva in me (Or maybe I'm dreaming)... Check out my video on how I do 2 of my Favorite Lip Color Combos for Fall.

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IMG_7123 (1)

MAC Lip Liner - Currant

MAC Matte Lip Stick - Diva


IMG_7122 (1)

Nyx Butter Lipstick - Licorice

Nyx Matte Lipstick - Aria

Nolie Love Matte Lipstick - Deep Purple


What are your favorite Fall Lip Colors?