Model Tip #1 - Balance on the Runway


Last year I had did a mini Model Series and there were people that watched it and said that they learned some good things from it. This year I want to give 1 tip a month for all of those Models out there that maybe... A. Are new to the modeling world, or B. Maybe you have been a model for a little while, but are still out there learning new things to pick up. I learn New things all the time, so I am here to Help in any way I can!! I want to inspire other Models out there and encourage others to follow their dreams!!! If this is something that you really want, Do it!!!! I know it is not Easy, but you can accomplish so much just by getting started and believing in yourself! It has honestly taken me a while to gain the confidence that I have and be able to really live out my dreams, without caring about what others think about it. You have to know and say to yourself "I Got This!!!"

There are so many things that I have learned along the way in this Crazy Fashion World/ Model Journey that I want to share...

Model Tip #1 is all about Runway!!! Walking in Heels looks easy, but it is often hard when you are not comfortable and aren't use to being in Heels for long periods of time (Trust me your feet get use to it after a while). But ultimately one huge #Keytosuccess in walking on the runway is Balance!!! If you have no Balance, you will not be stable or comfortable when you walk!!!

Check out my video to see what I mean....

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If there are any topics that you would like me to share, please let me know!! I am open to suggestions and want to share as much as can. :)

Also.... Don't forget about my model workshop at the end of the month!!!

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