Being On TV is Fun!!


If you are a Local in San Diego... you may have seen me Fly across your TV screen a time or 2 in a fashion segment, and I think that Being on TV is Fun!! I gained my first experiences of being on a TV Camera while being an Extra for different TV shows, and it is something that became a natural thing for me. I often get asked how am I so comfortable or do I ever get nervous before going live in Fashion segments, and My answer is honestly No! Why? Because for me confidence is everything and I feel confident in front of the Camera, so it's not something that I really worry about. For others that are thinking "Ok girl... that's you! What about me?"


I want to share a few fun tips that may help you be a little more comfortable if you ever are doing something on Camera, whether it is Live on TV, doing a photo shoot or maybe you are filming at home and you think you don't have what it takes to do your own videos for your blog! What ever it may be I hope these tips help. :)


1. The Camera is your Friend!!! -Now this is easier said then done, but you are most comfortable around your friends right!!!? Well, just pretend like you are sharing something with a friend or that you are showing off your best outfit and don't think about OMG there's a camera in front of ME!! It will definitely help to take a little bit of the pressure off of you thinking that you have to be super perfect, because No one is "perfect" and we all make Mistakes!! It is ok.

2. Personality is everything!!! -Everyone has their own Unique Personality!! Let that show!!! Whether you are speaking or just posing, there is always a way to let people know what your personality is like. Don't be shy!! Let it out!

3. Be open to change! -Working on a Set there are often changes that occur, so be prepared to be open and go with the flow

4. Have Fun!!! -Whether you are on Set for a TV show, a Segment, doing a photo shoot or making Videos for your YouTube Channel it is important to have Fun!!! It is ok to be nervous, but when you just relax and have a good time... everything that you were afraid of before will fly out the window!!


Everything takes a little bit of practice, some longer than others, and that is ok!! Don't give up!!

These were just a few tips that I thought would be fun to share!! I hope that the next time you are in front of a camera (at a shoot, on TV or where ever), that you will think about these tips and that it will help you to be less afraid and just get out there and have fun!!!

Get out there and WURK it!!! <3