How to Prepare for a Model Casting


I started a Model Series last year, and I want to continue to share more insight on what being a model is like. I want to help fellow Models, especially if you are new to be Great! I feel like knowing what to do is half the battle of breaking in to the industry, and sometimes not knowing certain information makes people feel nervous and unsure. Today's post is about How to Prepare for a Model Casting call!!! Model castings (Castings in general) are how you often will book a job as a model. Knowing what to bring, how to dress, and over all just how to get ready will help you be more confident and Book more jobs!!!

I put together a short video on some quick tips on getting your self prepared for a casting and some suggestions on being a professional model when you don't have representation.

Check out the video... [x_video_embed type="16:9"][/x_video_embed]

If there is anything I missed... Let me know, and I will try to talk about as many things as I can.

Good Luck at your future castings!!!