Couch Bros Collab

Summer time fun!!!

I have had the best time meeting new people and making friends through instagram recently. The Couch Bros., connected with me and asked if I would be interested in shooting together. I took a look at their work and I was in!!


The Couch Bros. make connections with people on social media who are actors, models and entrepreneurs share their stories and help encourage others to get off their couches and do what they love!!! You can honestly do whatever you set your self up to do, and I think it's so great that I have been able to make connections with others who believe in that. You really should do what you want to do!! Chase your dreams!!!

We shot at Belmont Park on a really busy Saturday!!! For those who don't know what Belmont Park is... it is like a carnival on the beach that has games, food and rides. It is very popular here in San Diego and gets really busy during the weekend. It is family friendly and is the place to be during the summer time. It was very interesting shooting in the middle of walk ways with people all around wondering "what is going on."

I had such a great time meeting Shawn (who started Couch Bros.)!!! I think that he is doing an amazing job connecting with others and sharing different unique stories. Social media is such a powerful platform!!! I hope that I am helping others in some way to do what they love and not be afraid to be different!!! Follow your passion!! It's all up to you!! No one should stop you or make you feel bad for having a dream and wanting to make it a reality.

Check out @thecouchbros on instagram and check out their blog here >>> The Couch Bros.