Black Fashion Brands that Rock in San Diego

I love shouting out and giving a spotlight to brands that I like and wear all the time. I also love supporting my city!! San Diego has so many talented designers and artists!! It is February, which is Black History Month, and I have made friends with a couple of black owned brands recently that are rocking it right here in my city.

Check them out!!


Monty Bella 

My top is from Monty Bella and I love how versatile it is. I decided to style it off the shoulder and tie a bow in the back. You can wear one shoulder up as well. Monty Bella is all about class and sophistication, but can definitely bring in a little edge as well. Leslie, who is the owner also is a co-founder and creative director for Agnes Bethel Shoes!! This boss babe is doing big things!! Check out both of her brands and follow them >>>> @shop_montybella @agnesbethelshoes


Photo Credit: Blu Lindsey  



Jasmine's customers are her POP tribe and I love that she celebrates melanin and black culture!! Her earrings definitely make a statement and I love wearing them. I need to order another pair!! Follow her and make your ears pop!!! >>>>@jxls

Southern Renaissance

Anthony and I connected recently through social media. His line is street wear and he is bringing a little southern flavor to the west coast. He is originally from Georgia and the Navy brought him to San Diego. Catch his wave and see what he's bringing to the street style game. >>>>@southernrenaissance_


Anthony custom made this jacket (above) and it is actually 1 of a kind, but he does plan to make more jackets soon!! 


These are just a few of many designers that I have connected with recently that are out here killing it in San Diego. I am happy that I have been able to have the opportunity to work with them!!! Check them out!! Support local designers and creatives.