Cabi Scoop Spring 2018

In January I had the opportunity to attend Cabi's Scoop and see their Spring Collection. This is my 2nd scoop and it's always a super hype and high energy event.

For those who may be new to my blog or may have never heard of Cabi Clothing before... Cabi is a company that is sold mainly online through stylists who are basically your personal shopper. They are all about bringing you an experience and making you look and feel amazing when you wear their clothing. They have 2 collections a year and they show them at their convention, which is called The Scoop!! 


I have been working with them for a few seasons now and I always look forward to seeing what is new!! There is a theme for every Scoop and this season it was all about Passion. Kimberly Inskeep (Cabi President) gave an amazing opening speech about following your dreams and getting out there living your passion everyday. There was a ton of confetti and celebration!! These ladies really know how to throw a party!!


I did vlog my day and gave you all a peek at what the collection is like. This season is inspired by Spain and Spanish style. Once I get some of the new pieces I will be sharing how I style it and put different looks together for you all to see. There will be a look book coming, so be on the look out for that.

Check out the Spring Collection -----> Here

Check out the vlog below!!

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While at the Scoop I was able to connect with quite a few stylists and had the opportunity to hear their opinions on the way how I have styled some of the pieces. It was really cool that a lot of them follow me and get inspired by my Instagram posts. I love sharing my style and I am happy that others get ideas and like what I put together. Thank you!! Cabi ladies are all so sweet!! I hope to meet and connect with more stylists soon. Cabi has it's own community which is pretty cool and it's fun being part of the family! not all brands are like that.

I had a great time this season at the scoop and I'm excited to see what's next. Thank you so much Cabi team for having me once again at this exciting event and new season kick off!!

To the Cabi fans that read my posts... what would you like to see from me this season? Any thing specific? Let me know!! :)

For my look of the day I decided to do Casual Chic (which is actually my style most of the time in a nutshell). I love that there are so many pieces to layer and play with in each of Cabi's collections. They definitely make it easy to pair different pieces from each season together!!


Hope that you enjoyed the vlog and had a good time seeing my day at The Scoop!! Until next post ta ta for now ;).

Check out Highlights from the fashion show