Favorite Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is on it's way here... soon I hope, because this weather that we have been having lately has been kind of a mess!! With warmer weather comes warmer trends, and I went to the Neiman Marcus Spring Preview a couple of weeks ago to see what's hot for the season. 


The list of must haves include

*for Women*

Bright colors

Statement sleeves

Floral dresses


Soft tinted sunnies

Pointed toe shoes

Brand logo bags

Rainbow Colored Jewelry

Sparkle & Glitter Glam


*for Men*

Bold Blazers

Bold Logos

Short sleeve shirts



Statement Sneakers

Oversize aviators 


My Favorite trends are...

*Stripes - I have always been a fan of stripes, and I have quite a bit in my closet currently. They are always so fun to wear and I have seen a lot of different colors come out recently that I really like, so that may be something on repeat with in my looks this coming season.

*Statement Sleeves - I have found my self more and more getting in to different sleeves and have added a few things here and there to my closet. I have this top from Zara that I really like that has short sleeves with strips and a poof. It definitely makes a statement!! 

*Pointed toes shoes - I am a huge lover of boots and booties!! Most of them have a pointed toe and I have been rocking that style for a little while now. It's a style that I rock all year long and I think that it's a fun trend to play with!!

*Sparkle & Glitter Glam - I am here for all of the sparkles and glitter!! I wouldn't be Glitz and Glam with out it (hehe). For me glitter never goes out of style and I think depending on how you wear it whether it be in your make up or on your clothes... theres always a way to make it work some how.

it's fun seeing what's new and trending, but honestly I don't really follow trends. When I see something I like I choose to rock it... not because it's "on trend", but because it makes me feel good when I wear it. Style is fun and it is something that you should feel good about when you get dressed everyday. Know that it is ok to go out there and wear pieces the way how you want to. Be glam in your own way!!! I hope that I can inspire you to be yourself, feel amazing and look great all at the same time.

Is there a trend that you have seen that you absolutely love?

Thank you Neiman Marcus for another great fashion presentation I always have so much fun catching up with everyone and seeing all of the fun looks that are put together. 

My look from that day...

Top: Cabi

Pants: H&M

Bag: Ross

Earrings: JXL

Shoes: Shoe Magoo