Discover LMS March Goodie box

I don't know if I have mentioned this yet on the blog, but I love food!!! I love trying new things, and I am some what health conscious (I like to splurge every now and then), so I love finding new healthier food options. I connected with Discover LMS in 2017 and have been able to try all different foods and snacks that not only taste good, but are a better option with out all of the extra junk. I personally get excited every time they introduce something new and different. Discover LMS came out with a box and I get new products sent to me every month!!! How cool is that?!

Here's what I got this month!!!!


In side of the box with the items there is also a card with all of the items listed and a little bit of information about each company.

My goodies...

True Made Foods Ketchup - @truemadefoods

True Made Foods makes sauces with real natural vegetables and no corn syrup!!

Stryve Gourmet Beef Biltong - @stryvefoods

Stryve makes jerky and protein snacks with all natural ingredients, and so far this is my favorite thing in the box!! (it's the only thing I have tried so far) It has great flavor and the only ingredients are beef, salt, brown sugar and spices.

Limitless Cold Brew Coffee - @limitlesscoffee

Limitless makes coffee and matcha teas. The coffee is diary free, soy free and nut free!! These are great things, because I don't eat or drink anything with dairy in it. Limitless makes the cleanest coffees and teas in the world. I'm excited to see how it tastes!!

So far like I said I have only tried the protein snack, and it has really great flavor!! It's a great snack to bring on the go!!! If you follow me on IG @Glitzandglambytiff I will be updating there and sharing my thoughts on everything else.

Discover LMS helps to bring brands and micro influencers together!! I love working with them and you should check them out too, if you are interested in getting connected to different brands as well.

I can't wait to see what's in next month's box and share it with you all!! Thank you so much Discover LMS for the goodies. <3