Burst Oral Care


Every one loves a great looking smile right?! I was sent the Burst Brush recently, and I was really excited, because I am always looking for great ways to take care of my teeth and keep them healthy. Burst is actually part of a newer subscription service that was founded in 2017 ( I will share more information on the service below keep reading...). This is my first time using an electrical toothbrush at home and it is something that I am getting use to still. It is very different from using a regular standard brush, but so far so good!! I have only been using the brush for about a month. There are 3 different modes on the brush, which gives a different vibrating motion while you clean. The brush head itself is made with charcoal bristles, which help to whiten your teeth naturally, and I have noticed a difference!!! My teeth are a lot whiter and they feel cleaner since I have started using Burst. The Brush is very soft and I don't feel like my mouth is getting attacked, because some brushes can be very rough!!! That doesn't feel good at all. 


Here's what the bush looks like. There are 2 different color options (White or Black)


Here is what is included in the box when you receive it for the first time:

The toothbrush

Brush head

USB Charger


Charging your brush... 

Charging for about an hour should last you for about 4 weeks

**Pricing and other information**

-The Burst oral care is a subscription service.

-For the first box if you order through www.burstoralcare.com $69.99 or $39.99 through a dental professional.

-The toothbrush heads will be shipped every 3 months through your subscription.

-Unique Features include black Binchotan charcoal-coated bristles and an industry-leading 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. The bristles with this particular kind of charcoal they are able to collect and absorb potentially harmful substances from between teeth and gums (including bacteria, plaque, germs and other toxins). By absorbing the impurities, yellow stains on the teeth and the bacteria that causes bad breath are reduced.

-The brush has a 2 min. timer to insure a thorough deep clean, and will turn off at the end of the time.

I am excited to keep using my burst brush and hope that you will try them out too!! 

Burst oral care also has Whitening Stripes that are available as well >>>> burstoralcare.com

Thank you Burst Oral Care and HL group!!!! :)