Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

You know one of the number 1 goals that people set for the new year is to lose weight!! But, does any body really make realistic goals and start changing their eating habits the way how they should?? Most of the time that answer is most likely a big NO. I recently had the opportunity to try out Meal Prep Sunday, which is based in San Diego and is changing the game in the fitness industry.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego not only does food meal prep, but they give you an actionable plan for the best way to lose weight for your body type. They ask you your fitness goals and what you are targeting to help you actually really reach your goals, sounds amazing right!! The food tastes great as well and they have a professional chef and team that plans out meals and different options.


Meal prep Sunday delivers all of their meals in an insulated cooler.


All of the food is marked with day of the week that it is for, when to eat it (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the protein that it is.


I have never done meal prep myself personally, so I am interested in seeing how it will work for me. I stay pretty healthy and fit on my own, but any tips and advice is always welcomed in my world.


Here's one of my favorite meals that I tried during the week!!! It is Hawaiian Chicken, with Brown Rice and Asparagus. It had extra BBQ sauce inside and everything had a lot of flavor. All of the meals had great taste and I was excited to eat the different food options throughout the week. The only thing that I wish that Meal Prep Sunday had, were Vegetarian and Plant Based options. I am a person that doesn't eat a ton of meat all of the time and I know that there are other people out there that work out and live a healthy lifestyle that love meal prepping, but eat a more plant based diet. I love what this company is doing and hope that this is something that could possibly be added in the future as they grow. 

If you are looking for a great way to help achieve your fitness goals, I would definitely recommend you try out Meal Prep Sunday San Diego and get a jumpstart in achieving those body goals while eating amazing food.  

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What are some of your favorite ways to stay healthy and fit?