Sseko Designs

**This post does include affiliate links, but I do believe in this company and all opinions are my own!!!!**

I love when new brands that I have never heard of reach out to work with me!!! There are so many great ones out there doing amazing things and Sseko is one of those. Sseko designs is a fair trade brand based in Uganda that sales handbags, accessories and leather sandals. They believe in women pursuing their dreams and helping them to reach their goals. Sseko helps to employ and educate women in Uganda and East Africa. They have been able to send so many young women to college already and are woking hard to send more. I think that they are doing something pretty amazing and it is good to know that by me repping the brand I am helping to impact someone else's life.

Check out more about the brand here >>>> Sseko Designs


Here's how I styled my pieces.

I picked out this multi way shawl that you can wear in so many different ways and have fun with it. There were several prints to choose from, but I really liked the green brush print. 

Since Spring is here, I think that the shawl works perfectly for casual wear!! I paired it with a t-shirt dress, flats and belted it in the middle. The belt to me helped to bring the whole look together and made it look a little fancy.


How cute is this backpack??!! Sseko has some really great leather bags!! They are very high quality and well made. This bag has become my go to everyday bag and I love it!!!


Photo Credit: Blu Lindsey

Check out Sseko for yourself and support their cause!! I can't wait to share more from the brand with you all soon.