Yoga Six Carmel Valley

Working out is something that I enjoy, but truthfully I have fallen off a little bit. So, it's time to get it back together!! I got invited to the grand opening of Yoga Six in Carmel Valley and I was really excited, because yoga is something that I started taking a couple of years ago and I love it! I had heard of Yoga Six before, but had never been to any of their studios until now. They have 5 locations in San Diego!!


There were several brands to get goodies from during the opening!!! There were some that I love and purchase often, like Suja and I also got to try several new ones. It's always a treat to try new things at different events. Perfect example I tried Koia, which is a plant based protein drink. It is so good!!! I use to not be a big fan of protein powders and snacks, but since I have tried different ones that are plant based... it has been a game changer!!!


Time to take a look inside!!! The Studio is pretty small in size, but they offer quite a bit. They have gear and different apparel for purchase. There is a women's and Men's side for changing and showering as well. There is only 1 yoga room at this location. The staff is very welcoming and makes sure that you have everything that you need to get ready for class.

Time for class!!! I took the Y6 Boot Camp class with Carrie, and let me just tell you this class is not a walk in the park! It's very intense, oh and let me not forget to mention it's a heated class. The room it set to about 90 degrees and you will sweat a ton! It is a full body workout which focuses on toning, strengthening and balance. I am all for doing a killer workout, so I was up for the challenge. You can definitely go at the pace that you need during class. Drinking lots of water before and after class is highly recommended!! Passing out would not be fun!!


Are you looking for a new yoga studio to go to? Give Yoga Six a try!!! ;)


Thank you so much Katalyst PR for the invite. I will be back at Yoga Six very soon to try out more classes.