Tropical Savor Bar and Grill

Last week I had the chance to eat at a newer restaurant here in Downtown San Diego Called Tropical Savor Bar & Grill. They serve Authentic Latin - Caribbean flavors and they use only the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes. At Tropical Savor they want to give you have the real taste of the Caribbean!! The decor and sounds of the restaurant are very inviting and make you feel like you are on an island vacation. Even when you walk in the restroom it sounds like you are taking a walk by the ocean.


Here's a peek inside

There is patio seating and inside dining 


They serve pretty drinks in Pineapples!!! If you are looking for an island getaway for just a moment, this might be your place.

There is also a variety of other drinks at the bar as well.


Here's what I had...

Rum Punch, which was delicious by the way. Fried Plantains with Salami (appetizer) and Curry Chicken (main dish), which came with Rice and Salad on the side. The food did take a little bit to come out, but they did not disappoint. Everything came out really hot and fresh. You can tell that they put a lot of love in to every dish that they make and want to make sure that they give you the food right as it is ready! It's not sitting under a heat lamp waiting to be picked up, it is fresh to order. I can appreciate that!! Everything that I ate was well seasoned and I have no complaints other than the long wait. I walked out "fat" and happy!!

Tropical Savor Bar and Grill officially opens in June!!! I do recommend that you check it out and experience some thing different that maybe you haven't tried before. they are located at 729 4th Ave., San Diego, Ca.


Thank you so much Tropical Savor for having me!!! good luck on your grand opening and I hope that you have so much success!!!