Soft and smooth skin using Being Body Scrub

The warmer months have arrived and summer is quickly approaching!! So, that means wearing less clothing and showing more skin. How do you prepare your skin for warmer weather? Do you make sure that your skin looks and feels soft and smooth? Is it some thing that is important in your skin care/body care routine? For me taking care of my skin from head to toe is so important. I am a big fan of exfoliating with a body scrub a few times a week to make sure that I remove all of the old skin to reveal the new radiant skin especially during Spring and Summer. Recently I have been using the Chili Mango & Tonka Bean body scrub from Being, and let me tell you it smells amazing!! I'm sure you're thinking chili mango?? tonka bean? Really? Yes! If you could eat it, I'm sure it would have a great flavor, but it is not for eating!!!. The body scrub not only has an amazing smell, but it feels good on the skin as well. It will bring a new experience to any bath or shower. 


The shower burst is another product that I love from Being. It is a gel that turns in to a foam once you rub it on your body. Other products from the line include: body lotion, bubble bath, bath bombs and body splash just to name a few. The fragrance options are hibiscus & coconut water, chili mango & tonka bean, cloudberry & lychee blossom, pomelo & water lotus, and salted caramel & macadamia. I like that the fragrances are very unexpected and are not the norm. Being is definitely for the girl that likes to be sassy, but sweet. 


I'm sure you are wondering... where can I buy Being products? They are available in store at Ulta, but only in specific locations. You will have to check and see if it is in your area. I went in to my local Ulta to check out all of the products in store. They were located in the section where there are different gift and bath sets. The items weren't too difficult to spot, because the packaging is pretty unique. Everything was in stock, so I was able to check out all of the fragrance options and see all of the products in person. 

If you are some one that is looking to add something to your spring/summer skin and body care routine, try out the body scrub and see what a difference it makes. Trust me... you can thank me later. 

This post is sponsored by Being and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Glitz and Glam By Tiff possible!

Have you tried anything from Being? What is your favorite product?