Styling my Boho Locks

If you have been following me for a little while, you may have noticed that I like to change my hair up often. It's always fun for me to change it up and try different styles. Right now I have Boho Faux Locks. Sana ( @hairtalkbysana on IG) does all of my protective styles and she is always encouraging me to try out different things and live boldly with me hair. I really do embrace it and love every minute while having a different style. 

Having protective styles really allows my hair to have a break and gives it room to grow. My hair grows super quickly and while having any protective style in I make sure to take care of it like I normally take care of my own hair. I also have fun styling my protective styles in different ways. it's easy to keep it simple and just wear my locks down, but I like to get creative.

Check out below to see what I mean.

Summer is coming and Braids and locks are more popular than ever!!! What are some of your favorite ways to style and wear your hair?