What happens in Vegas ends up....

What's up y'all!!! I just wanted to share a quick fun post with you all this week. Last weekend I went to Vegas!!! It was my friend Mae's bachelorette weekend (She's getting married in July), and it was a weekend full of memories that I will never forget. Usually they always say what ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but let me just tell y'all a few secrets if you have never been there... #1 don't expect to get any sleep while you are there, #2 if you go during the hot months water is your best friend!! (you will die with out it!!) #3 Stying off the strip is cheaper!!

Any way on to the weekend. I caught a flight on Friday night (it's only an hour flying from San Diego), was picked up by a limo with all of the girls and went straight to the club. I got dressed in the airport, so I was ready to go. We went to Omnia, and Calvin Harris was spinning that night. It was packed!!! One thing I learned from this weekend, is that I am not really a club person like I use to be... y'all it was a lot!! It was an experience!!


Saturday was a full day!! We took a pole dancing class, went to Fremont Street and then went out that night.


If you have never taken a pole class before... I think that you should try it at least once!! It is a workout for sure, it is harder than it looks, but it is so much fun. Our instructor was pretty impressed with us. Half of the group had a dance background, so we picked up the choreography pretty quickly. Even if you have no dance background at all, it is something to try just to say you have.


Fremont Street

This area is basically a smaller version of the main Las Vegas strip. There's performers, bars, restaurants, and interactive attractions.


We did the zipline. It honestly didn't go as fast as I thought it was going to go... kind of disappointed. don't get me wrong it was still fun, but I just thought it was going to be more zippy.


Later that night...

We went to the Las Vegas sign and then to Light night club.


By the way... the theme was Harry Potter. Mae is a big fan of the series.


How cute is this goodie bag!!!! 

Sunday was a travel day!!! I got back to San Diego and fell out until Monday. Vegas for me is ok in small doses. It's always a blast every time I go, but I just need a nap ya know. I have more trips coming up in the next few months, so I will be sharing those adventures with you all as well!! Do you have any fun summer travel plans??