Wonderspaces San Diego 2018

I love art and going to exhibits, and I was excited to find out that Wonderspaces was coming back to San Diego this year. I missed it last year, so I had to make sure that I was able to go this time.

I'm sure you are wondering... What is Wonderspaces? Well it is an art exhibit that has different rooms and installations some are interactive and some are not. there is so much to walk around, see and take in. It's definitely a must see!! 


The gold room!!!!


All of the pieces in this room were made of paper!! It was amazingly sculptured and put together. 


Below: there was a room where you could make art with your body!! It was fun!! My friends and I stayed in this room for a little while and had way too much fun. It was easy to get caught up and forget that there was still more to see. 


Above: This was one of my favorite rooms. It definitely gave me Stranger Things vibes.


Below: There were 2 spaces that had VR experiences. One space was called Dinner Party and it show a short film and it was set up like you were really going to a dinner. It was pretty interesting!! 


Tickets for July are on sale now!! If you are in the San Diego area Wonderspaces is a place that I highly recommend! Tickets do sale quickly, so don't wait for too long if it is something that you plan to go and see.