Exploring Newport Beach with Lexus LS

I know I mostly share fashion here, but I like to mix it up from time to time!! I think it keeps things exciting and fun ;). last week I had the chance to go on a mini getaway with Lexus!!! Yes Lexus!! I was so excited that they invited me to take a trip with them, get to learn more about the company, meet other bloggers and some of the reps in the So Cal market.

I stayed at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, and got to explore parts of Orange County that I had never really been to before. I have been in California my entire life, but there are places that I have yet to explore!! There's a lot of ground to cover!!


The morning when I had arrived in Newport Beach there was breakfast with the team and we had the opportunity to learn about the features in the Lexus LS. It was interesting to see how much detail goes in to the design of the car and how much they really care about having the ultimate luxury but still stylish car on the market!! Also let me not forget to mention how safe it is as well. The safety features were mind blowing to me. You have to be unconscious and not breathing to be able to have an accident in this car. Not wishing for that to happen to any one, but I am just saying that there are too many warning signs and detections throughout the car for that to happen.


Not only did we get to learn about the Lexus LS and it's features... but we got to drive it as well and explore different places in the Orange County area. We had several stops that were marked on a map for us to follow that were already programmed in the GPS. I became an expert in using the car GPS while driving around, because usually I am use to using my phone to find directions. There were so many cool features in the car, like personal a massage in each seat front and back, personal temperature readings (everyone's body heat is detected for comfort), it's very roomy and spacious and so many other features that I didn't get to test out this time. 

Ohhh Did you know that Lexus has a Hybrid model??? There is also different drive modes in the other models as well, so you can save on gas or go full turbo mode if you like depending on what kind of mood you are in.

Here is what I had the opportunity to drive during the day.

Lexus LS 500

Here is a peek at the inside. It is a very comfortable ride and drives super smoothly.

During the drive we (my self and the other bloggers) met for lunch with some of the team. We went to Trevor's at the Tracks in San Juan Capistrano. It was in such a cute little area with different shops and restaurants.  


One of the little shops in the area was Ellie's Table!! It was so nice inside and there were places to sit outside as well. I got Matcha, while everyone else decided to have a coffee break after lunch.

Hanging out with the girls!!!

Maria @mariaatitall

Hunter @navyandorange


My look of the day

Top: Ross dress for Less

Jeans: Zan Style

Sneakers: Forever 21


One last pit stop on the way back to the resort was Shake Shack at Crystal Cove!!! It is very popular in the area and known for their milkshakes. There were so many to choose from!! I picked Pina Colada and it was really good!! There were pineapple chunks, coconut and almond slivers blended in. Mmmm!!!

After the Lexus test drive it was time to go back to the resort and get ready for the next activity. The Spa!!! I got a facial and massage. It was quick, but felt amazing!!! I honestly didn't have much time in my room at all until later that night after dinner. I ran in and out for the most of the day. But, I mean I wasn't there to stay in my room all day anyway ya know (haha)!


Here was the view from my room and a peek at some other parts of the Balboa Bay Resort. The property is really nice and it's is right on the bay, so the view and breeze was pretty amazing!

After the spa... I ran to my room (literally had to hurry up) showered and got dressed for dinner. We took a boat ride around the bay and then were dropped off for dinner.


What I wore to dinner...

Dress: Kindom

Jacket: Forever 21 (from years ago, but I think they may have something similar)

Sandals: Target


We had dinner at The Winery and it was an experience!!!! We started out with a huge sea food tower, had a main course dish (I picked the Scallops and Shrimp) and then there was dessert!!! I barely could breathe after everything. It was all so good!!!

I got back to my room at the end of the night and fell in to bed!!! It was such a fun day, but I was pooped!! 


The next morning was check out...

It was a quick trip, but I had such a fun experience with the Lexus team!! Everyone was so sweet and generous!! I am so grateful to be able to have opportunities like this!! Thank you so much for having me on this trip and I look forward to working more with everyone soon!!!!