Summer Trips 2018: Atlanta Georgia

I feel like I have been quite a few places this summer!!! One trip that I went on a few weeks ago was to Atlanta, Georgia. My mom's side of the family had a reunion there, so I met my parents out there and we stayed for about 5 days. I had been to ATL before, but I was about 15 or 16. There's is so much to do and so much to see, especially in the downtown area!!

Side note... my family is huge!!! It was so much fun getting to meet people that I had never met before. I seriously have family everywhere.

First stop on my Georgia trip was to my Aunt and Uncle's house. They actually just recently moved to a new house last year (actually before our Christmas Family Vaca), so it was our first time seeing their new place. They live about an hour away from Atlanta and it is more of a small town near Macon.


How cute is their neighborhood!!!!

We made it in to the city....


Where we stayed... 


We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta Northwest. It was super spacious and a great place to stay. The only thing that sucked, was the one side of the elevator was out of order and it took forever to get up and down the floors. Besides that the hotel is beautiful and the staff was very helpful. I recommend checking out this Hyatt location. It's close to the main highways and there are plenty of food places near by, gas stations and stores in the area as well. You won't have to travel to far away to find your main needs.

Look of the day

Shorts: Who What Wear - Target

Top: Cabi

Inside the room...


After Settling in to our room... We went down to the family meet and greet. It was a kind of get to know you kind of night as people were arriving. Everyone wasn't there on the first night, but we saw everyone through out the entire weekend.


The next day it was time to explore!!!


Everyone had on their family shirts, so it was a sea of purple everywhere we went. There were a lot of us!!! Like I said earlier my family is huge!!

We went to the Martin Luther King Jr.  Historical site and got to check out where he grew up, see the house that he lived in when he was a child and learn so much about the history that is in the area. I learned so much and it made me even more proud to be black!!! We are amazing people!!!


I wasn't allowed to take photos or video inside of the house, but below middle and to the right is the outside

After we toured the house there was an exhibit not to far away with the memorial of Dr. King and his wife Coretta.


We also took a look at the famous Ebenezer Baptist Church


We ended the day with a family picnic and then bowling later. The next day we were up and running again. We went downtown to walk around the Centennial Olympic Park area and explored the city a little. There is honestly so much to see and do it is hard to see everything in one weekend!!


We stopped by the CNN Center. They do have tours where you can see where they do the news and be able to explore the station, but we didn't have time to go while we were there. I definitely have to go back sometime.


After running around downtown, there was one last dinner with the whole family!!! I was beyond tired by the end of the night!! I connected with so many family members that I had never met before and it was interesting seeing how we were all connected. I still don't know everyone, but I am excited to be able to attend more reunions and connect with more family members soon.

Do your families have big reunions???


Above is some of my family (Big emphasis on some!!)

Sunday was our last full day in Atlanta, so we had brunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room and met up with one of my dad's sisters. Eating in the south is definitely different from the west coast. everything was so well seasoned and just good. I can't even explain it!! If you've had southern cooking you know exactly what I mean.


Aunt Celeste!!!!

After Brunch we went to The World of Coca Cola . Did you know that Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola? I had no idea. There's so much to see inside of the exhibits. We were there for majority of the day!!

Monday was basically a get ready to head back to Cali day, but we couldn't leave with out having breakfast at Cracker Barrel. There aren't any locations close enough to San Diego, so it's always fun to eat there while traveling. The entire trip was surrounded by food honestly, but we did so much walking and exploring I didn't have time to gain a pound.


After Breakfast we were off to the airport!! I came in to ATL alone, but was able to go back with my parents on the same flight. It was a fun trip and I'm happy I was able to go and hang out with my family!!


You can check out the vlog to see more from the exhibits and see where I explored.

Did you go on any fun trips this summer?