Spring Style Favorites - Prints & Colors

There are quite a few colors and prints that are trending for spring, and I think that it is fun to mix and match. Here are some of my favorite colors and prints below and how I put a few looks together. I always say don’t be afraid to have fun with your style. There are some great prints and colors to choose from this season.

Leopard Print - I have always loved leopard print and it has definitely made a big come back!!

Skirts - In The Style

Yellow (and anything with golden tones) - I have been absolutely obsessed with yellow lately!! Anybody with melanin knows that we all look amazing in it (just say’n).

Suit - Show Me Your Mu Mu



Last but not least… Polka Dots - I feel like polka dots are a print that is timeless and always has a way of coming back in a whole new way.

Top - In The Style

Photos and filming credit: Blu Lindsey

What are your favorite colors and prints for spring?