The Guild Hotel and Luca

There is a new hotel in town!!!!

The Guild Hotel San Diego is filled with so much luxury as well as history. Originally opened in 1924 it was a YMCA that hosted military men, their friends and families. Now in 2019 it is a luxury destination to eat, lounge and celebrate.

I had a chance to go and explore the property last week. I took a peek at the penthouse and also tasted part of the menu at Luca, which is the restaurant inside of The Guild.

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When you walk in to the hotel you immediately walk in to the lounge and bar area. The check in lobby is tucked away a little off to the side. All of the furniture is so plush!!! Designer Sormeh Rienne brought in tons of lush fabrics and rich colors in to the spaces. There are touches of modern vibes while still keeping the pieces of history there.


There is an outside garden area that is great for hosting a wedding or any other events that you may want to have. It is described as “An ethereal urban oasis in the heart of Downtown San Diego.” There is also an indoor ballroom as well as other spaces inside to host events, meetings and small gatherings.

The rooms are so chic and feel like a home away from home. I had a chance to look at the Penthouse and I wanted to move in!! When should I pack my bags?!? The space has 2 bed rooms, 2.5 bath and a patio in the master. It comes fully loaded with every stay (all the snacks that you want, there is a small kitchen area, and you really don’t have to go any where).

Above: The 2 bathrooms and there is storage underneath the beds


Master Bed Room (above)

The Guild Hotel Penthouse Suite

Living room area

After the mini hotel tour I got a drink from the bar and then was seated at Luca. There was a special tasting menu by executive chef Justin Vaiciunas and I ordered one of everything. I really wanted to get a feel for what was offered. Of course I had help… My home girl Natasha (@toshpointfroeats) was there to throw down with me.

The menu selections were:

Crusted & Toasty

Mama makes the best (meatballs)


Mr. figgy

Little baby cabbage

La Tuna

Bottle rockets

Someone’s thin

Beautiful Scallops

Little Italy

The menu had a touch of high end flavors with a mix of comfort. There is a creative spin added to the menu by the chef, that makes it a fun dining experience. I am usually not a huge fan of brussels sprouts, but listen… the ones at Luca have to be my all time faves right now. The way how they were prepared and seasoned have made me change my mind about this veggie. The meatballs and the scallops were two of my other favorite dishes.

Luca serves…

Breakfast daily along with lunch and dinner. There is also brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

You have to stop by when you have the chance!!! It’s a great place to go after work.

Luca San Diego

I’m glad I had the chance to give you all a peek in to San Diego’s newest gem!!!

Thank you so much to the The Guild Hotel for having me.